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AD [GIFTED] A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to receive three toothpastes to test and review from BlanX. Now, I know it's been a while since I actually acquired these but, I wanted to be sure I had enough time to make a full and accurate review of each toothpaste. I was sent three different types, each of their own colours and names: Fresh white, glossy white and fresh white. The best way I thought of review each was to give an idea of texture, taste, packaging and effectiveness and rate each out of 5 stars.

Pure White

TEXTURE: ★★★★★
TASTE: ★★★★★
The Pure White toothpaste was the first of the three that I tried and it was by far my favourite of them all. The texture and the taste were by far the nicest use and have on my teeth. I found the taste quite refreshing, just slightly minty and not too overpowering. I really noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth over the couple of weeks I was using it. It also made my teeth feel nice, as sometimes I get toothaches and when I brush my teeth it just went away. This is something I specifically look for in a toothpaste as my teeth are quite sensitive. I love the packaging as it's modern and understated, I am a fan how they colour coded each of them so you know which one you are using and that they are of the same range. 

Glossy White

Okay, so... if you can't tell by the stars, I really was not a fan of this toothpaste. Although it was nice to look at when it came out the tube with sparkles and a glossy paste, I just felt like it didn't really do much for my dental care. Maybe, the formula didn't agree with my sensitive teeth? But, I felt like I had continuous toothaches whilst using it, and when I would brush my teeth it wouldn't really make  a difference. I know it's not marketed for this specific problem, so I think it will be fine for anyone with normal teeth. Another reason why I wasn't a fan was the taste, it wasn't quite minty and I can't really put my finger on the flavour, I just was not very keen on it. Other than that I love the packaging like previously mentioned, I love the pink!
Fresh White

TASTE: ★★★★

I'm still using this toothpaste at the moment, but so far I like it. The toothpaste comes out like a dark blue gel, it kind of reminds me of the charcoal toothpastes circling around at the moment. When you put it on it like illuminates your teeth if that makes any sense at all. The taste is a little stronger than the Pure White, but really nice either way. I feel like it is definitely keeping my teeth a nice colour,

Of the three toothpastes, my order of preference has to be Pure White, Fresh White and then the Glossy White. The Pure White was my favourite as worked the best and had the nicest taste/texture, so if you're willing to trying any I would start with the Pure White first.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent these products as complimentary to try/test and give an honest review.

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