John Frieda Hair Masque*

AD [GIFTED] I was kindly gifted* a John Frieda hair masque for Love Me Beauty. After using this product enough times, I feel like I can finally write an insightful review to help all you blondies out there decide whether on not to invest in this product and if it will work. Now, it think the best thing to start with is addressing my hair type, colour and what I have used on my hair to get it looking like this in the first place. My hair is very thick, very curly and often very frizzy. When I get my hair done - the last time being probably almost half a year ago - I asked for balyage as I liked the look of it. Previous to this I had blonde highlights which grew out and I started dying my hair dark shade of brown, I then had the ombre look done. It made my hair look really orange and yellow, until I had the balyage.

I was super excited to receive this product as although I had had my hair lightened through balyage, it still wasn't the right colour and I wanted it lighter. To use this product it recommends to put on while in the shower and after using the John Frieda shampoo, I don't own this shampoo so I just used my regular shampoo. I let it sit for a couple of minutes while I did the rest of my shower routine, then washed out and put in my regular conditioner. I visibly noticed a difference in my hair even when it was wet. However, once dried I could really see how much blonder the ends of my hair had gone just after one go.

This hair masque is ideal if you cannot afford to get your hair redone and your hair is losing its colour, it costs around £6.99 and you can find it here.

As I have such thick long hair I feel I got a good four uses out of this product and I used it every other week as I didn't want to overload my hair and it look too bright on me. I think it is due to the length and thickness of my hair that I only got four uses, plus I really like to slaver my hair in product! Despite this product being used for lightening, it certainly didn't dry my hair out or make it coarse. It honestly made my hair feel silky, smooth and soft, with extra brightness.

I used to use the John Frieda shampoo and conditioners whilst my hair was highlighted, and after these past few years I stopped because I dyed my hair different colours, but if I was to invest in John Frieda again I think I would only invest in the masque as I feel too many blonde products would over load your hair, well for me anyway. Honestly, this has to be my favourite John Frieda product because you see good results and it is good value for money.

*This post contains gifted products. All opinions are my own real and genuine thoughts.*

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