Halloween with Yours Clothing

Hello lovely people, I am back from my unintentional break from blogging. Oops. But, anyway I have some exciting content for this post, courtesy of the wonderful Yours Clothing. I was given full reign in regards to this months post/clothing, and was just given the theme of Halloween and create my own costume with an item from Yours Clothing. As someone who LOVES Halloween, you bet I was super excited.

In honour of the new season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and the return of the witches coven I wanted to create something that resembled one of my favourite witch characters, Misty Day.

I chose something black because, obviously we all know black is 1. the best colour ever, and 2. all the witches wear black in American Horror Story from Fiona Good's direction ("Wear something... black.") So, I went for this cute black midi dress as not only is it great for Halloween but, I can also wear this day to day as it's so versatile.

Throughout American Horror Story Misty wears her famous shawls, so I found an old kimono from River Island, from the days where EVERYONE wore a kimono. I thought the colours were super autumnal and went well with what I was trying to go for. The boots are old stock Primark and hat is Select Fashion!

*This item was sent to me as gift, all opinions are my own.

What's your plans this Halloween?

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