Dermalogica Fizz Mask and Booster

I kindly received some lovely products from Dermalogica through Influenster to review recently and I thought I would give it some time before I gave my verdict. I was sent two products, the first being a Fizz Mask and the second a booster. Both these products are for blackheads and spots and I have certainly made a difference in my skin since using them, even if it is a small one. I am so excited to share my thought with you.

1. The Fizz Mask

I think the fizz mask is my favourite of the two, I love the way it applies to the skin and washes off so easily. The bottle has a little pump at the top, the products comes out like a thick cream. Once it is put onto the skin it turns into a fizz and activates as soon as you start rubbing it on. I put this mask on my T zone, forehead and slightly onto my cheeks from my nose as that is where I have flare ups.

I can honestly say it has made a difference to my skin, to an extent. I find with face masks my skins gets worse before it gets better, as it draws out all the bad stuff. But, nonetheless I feel I need to keep up with the mask for it to truly make a difference to my skin overall. I love the fizz though, feels AMAZING on your face. 10/10 would recommend.

2. Booster

So, when I first opened this product it took me ages to get out more than a tiny droplet at a time. I thought maybe my bottle is just broken? No. It wasn't broken. I failed to see the button/pump and the bottom of the bottle which gives apt amount of product. I do feel like using the booster has helped clear up the rest of my face and is super smooth on your face. It also smells amazing! I feel like my face feels smoother after using this and has slowed down the blackhead process.

I received both these products complimentary to review, all opinions are my own. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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