The City of Granada

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Spanish city of Granada in southern Spain's mountain region. I was able to explore this beautiful city as my friend is studying at the university but, only went for three days so didn't get to see everything. Despite this I did get to see a fair bit of the city, ate lot of food, and drunk a lot and I mean A LOT of Tinto de Verano.

We were unfortunately too late to book tickets for the famous la Alhambra palace, but my friend took me to the best viewing point of the palace. Pictures honestly does not do it justice it is beautiful to look at. It was a long, steep and sweaty walk to get there but, it was totally worth it. 

I absolutely adore anywhere with history and culture to explore so, I could not wait to have peak inside the Granada Cathedral. It really reminded me of the Canterbury cathedral, but much bigger and more renaissance-esque. I paid something like 4 euros entry for a student and we were given little phones where you could hear the history of the cathedral at each point.

Granada seemed to be filled with not only Spanish-catholic culture but, also had various quarters which represented elements of culture that came to form Granada. Kind of like when your in London and somehow end up in China town. It was lovely to see how rich Granada was of history and culture in the three days I was there.

Obviously could not resist getting a few instas whilst down this little street as the colours were so vibrant and shops so lively. I loved the yellow walls down this street as I am obsessed with yellow at the moment and thought it looked really cute. The architecture and intricate details as well especially caught my eye as they look so beautiful.

Sadly my little visit to Granada was short, but I will definitely be returning to explore more.

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