Soft Glam

I was lucky enough to receive my second Anastasia Beverly Hills palette for my birthday and I feel like I have used it enough now to give a good and educated review. To kick off this post I want to first of all say, thank you Lauren for getting me this palette. You are a babe. Secondly, anyone who knows me and has ever spoken to me about eyeshadow knows I am completely obsessed with my Modern Renaissance palette, and that I will recommend anyone with eyelids to buy it and buy it right now. 

Soft Glam does include some colours already in the Modern Renaissance palette, who cares though the more the merrier. 

So, I am loving bright colours at the moment so the shade Orange Soda has become my absolute favourite in the palette. It reminds me of hot summery days and my god does it blend GOOD. My other favourite shades have to be the 5 shimmers ABH has gifted us with. I especially love these as there are only two glimmer shades in my other palette. I am so gassed there are more in this one, as I love a bit of glitter me. I think my favourite of the five is Rose Pink joint with Sultry. Both beautiful pinky tones that mixed with Orange Soda helps your eyelid resemble a sunset.

I think the most important thing to judge an eyeshadow palette on is it's pigment. If the pigment is bad, the whole palette is ruined for me even if the colours are nice. But, my girl Anastasia has not let me down on this one. Each colour comes out on your skin so amazingly with only one touch to the pan, and blends like a dream.

Not only do I recommend you go and treat yo self with this palette or, if you can't afford it I recommend you add it to your christmas or birthday list because you NEED it.

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