Rimmel London Self Tanners

I have been very lucky enough to receive three Rimmel London self tanning products from Influenster a couple of weeks ago. I have finally tested all three so can give my verdict on them, I am hoping this will help anyone who has pale skin like me to decide which fake tan to go for. 

So the first of the three I am going to talk about is the Instant Tan in the shade light because it’s my FAVE. I have been using this baby for years, it’s my holy grail and I love it. If you are a regular reader of my blog you would have seen my previous post about my three favourite fake tans, and of course this one was apart of that list. I first discovered this self tanner in first year of uni when I exploring the tanning world. When I’d be getting ready for a night out and I always forgot to apply fake tan, I would apply this before I left and it would still be intact when I woke up in the morning and streak free. So, it’s great if you need an instant tan fix. Win, win situation. 

My next favourite has to be the Mousse, it’s a pretty close one between the two as well. It’s super similar to the medium St. Moritz fake tan, so as you can imagine I looooooove it. I usually apply this one after I’ve had a shower, shaved and exfoliated then put it on before I go to bed. I can’t say I’ve notice much coming off on my sheets because my bedding is pretty dark in all honesty. In the morning I decide whether to wash it off or let it develop a little longer, for a darker tan I would leave it a bit longer. I felt this one didn’t last as long and went a bit patchy towards the end of the week - says 7 days on the bottle. I think with a bit more moisturiser I would have been fine and it would have lasted longer. But, nonetheless I'll definitely be using it again. 

I don't want to say that the Lotion was my least favourite, but it kind of was. I couldn't find it on the Superdrug website to link it so, I've just found linked it from a different website if anyone is interested in buying it. Anyway, back to the tan. As you can see in the picture this tan went a little patchy in some areas on my legs and feet, but other than that its a pretty smooth and even fake tan. My advice is to really exfoliate and moisturise before you put it on. You have to apply this one with your hands so be sure to wash your hand straight away after you've applied it, otherwise you'll have orange palms. It is a pretty good tan to be fair, long lasting and a nice colour! 

I have linked my vlog about these fake tans underneath if you want to give it a watch, thanks!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent these products as complimentary to try/test and give an honest review.

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