How to Blog on a Budget

As my three years at university come to a close, I find myself back home and currently unemployed leaving me with not a lot of room to spend money on clothes or make up for blog posts. Never fear, I have a few ways that I, and you, can get through this together. If you're like me and love blogging, or even love treating yourself every now again, I hope this helps. In this past year of blogging I have found a couple of ways to battle not being able to spend much on myself other than for food and here they are:

1. High street sales are your best friend

Real talk, I love sales. I honestly never understand why would don'tbrowse the sale rail before looking at everything else. Does that make me a cheap skate? Maybe it might but, it definitely saves me a few quid here and there. Sales are like going to the reduced section in the supermarket to find a tray of 12 doughnuts for 30p. They might go out of date that day, but who cares when they taste delicious. Although sales are mostly old stock being reduced to make way for the new, it doesn't mean you can't find stuff that's on trend and cute. I recently found the cutest playsuit in the New Look sale for £8 instead of £17.99 and a skirt in Primark for £3 instead of £8. Now if that isn't the most satisfying thing then I don't know what is.

2. Online Shopping 

I feel like I sound like the biggest bargain hunter, but I don't care. If I had the money I would probably still be doing and looking at normal prices too. Here's hoping my CV works wonders for me. Anyway, another way to get a few bits and bobs for yourself on a small budget is to look Low - High on clothing websites. I often do this as well as shopping the sale section, it's extremely helpful when you want something specific like a floral dress or culottes for example.

3. Dupes

Make up is expensive, now I'm not saying at all that they aren't 100% worth the dollar half the time. Some times its good to look for duplicates of products you like but, can't necessarily afford every time you run out. I tend to treat myself to high end make up whenever I can, especially eyeshadows and foundations as they last a while. However, make up like face powder and concealer which are products I use often, I usually like to find duplicates for everyday and save the good stuff for special occasions. I have made a couple of post previous to this about my favourite high street dupes; such as Collection's correction concealer and Collection's pressed powder. As you can tell collection is my go to, but there are many other brands that do decent dupes such as W7, NYX and L'Oreal. 

4. Buy and Sell/Charity shops/Boot fairs

Growing up my mum and nan would often take me to local charity shops and boot fairs, I know there's a bit of stigma against these kinds of places, I think they are great anyway. I'll never forget the day when I found a brand new Lipsy dress for £2.50, it was like Christmas. If you're not a fan of charity shops or boot fairs, buy and sell sites such as Depop, Shpock and even Facebook groups in your local area one of the best places to look. 

5. Photography and editing

Lastly, you don't need a super fancy laptop, camera or Photoshop to blog. I would love to be able to afford my own Macbook with my savings someday, but I'm glad that blogging is still an option without it. I take all my blog pictures on my phone and use a variety of apps to edit the final picture. To be honest I think a lot of other bloggers do the same and their content looks great.

So, basically you don't have to have a massive budget to blog, as long as you love what you are doing nothing can stop you from succeeding. 

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