Top 3 Tanning Products

The sun is out. So, you guys know what that means... IT'S SUMMER. If you are like me and body does not like to tan and therefore you are pasty AF, I'm going the share with you all a few of my favourite fake tanning products to keep up that glow all through the summer months. I've put these tans in order of how long they develop for and last on you.

First up is St. Moritz. If you want a long lasting tan with no streaks and a nice colour, this tan is for you. I've seen a lot of people using this product and honestly, it's been my go to fake tan for years. I use the shade medium in the mousse, and you can get in Wilko for only £3!!! Yeah, you heard it £3. For some reason I can't find it on the Wilko website, so I've linked Superdrug instead. BUT, if you don't have a Wilko in your local town centre then never fear you can get it on Amazon, in Superdrug and in Boots. Best way to apply this fake tan, like most, is using a mitt and slapping it on in circular motions. Leave it for a few hours to develop, I like to put it on before I go to bed and let it develop at night, sometimes the day after too depending how dark I want the tan then just wash it off in the shower whenever. Although, it smells like biscuits I've found this tan is one of the most long lasting and best quality for a reasonable price.

Second on this list is the Rimmel London sun shimmer instant tan. If you want a tan and you want it instantly, I would 100% for this product. I use the shade light and mostly use it the night before I want to be tanned, quite like I do with St. Mortiz. But if I don't have time or I'm feeling lazy I'll put it on before I go out as it's an instant tan and no one needs to see my pasty legs. Ever. Don't be scared by its chocolate syrup consistency it has the smoothest application when applied with a mitt, and has never gone patchy for me.

Similar to the Rimmel London tan, the Primark Bronze instant tan gel has a chocolate syrup look to it but is so good to use if you forgot to tan yourself. And oh my god it smells amazing, I can't exactly put my finger on what exactly it smells like but it's some kind of fruit smell. Maybe, apricot. Who knows. I can't unfortunately link this product because it's not on their website but I just get mine in my local Primark. When I'm low on budget and need something a bit cheaper than Rimmel London (around £6) I often replace it with the Primark tan as it's only £2.50. I've found the best way to use this one is to just use it as an instant tan, then wash it off the next day as it doesn't really develop like St. Moritz or Rimmel.

Let me know if there are any fake tans you think I should try in the comments!

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