New York

Let me kick this post off and say: New York city, you're doing amazing sweetie. You may have killed my feet and legs, but boy are you full of amazing sites. I've got to say I've genuinely never walked so much in life for the five days I was there, I ended up doing 105,581 steps in the end to be precise. For someone as unfit as me and on average never does her daily 10,000 steps, I was impressed. 

My second favourite place I visited in New York was the Rockefella Center on the first day. You could see pretty much see everything from the top and definitely has the best view of the Empire State building. The staff who worked at the Rockefeller Center were so nice and really made your experience enjoyable, especially in the lift going up. That reminds me, American lifts or shall I say elevators, go so fast you blink and you've gone up 30 floors. 

If your looking to go to New York anytime soon I would highly recommend staying in the Crowne Plaza hotel on Times Square. Times Square felt pretty central to all the places we wanted to visit, except Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge as they are all at the bottom of the island. So, I was only a couple of blocks away from places like Central Park. And, I swear there was so many shops along Broadway including Sephora which was HEAVEN.

A big thank you to my mum for being my personal photographer for the five days I was in New York, that woman deserves a reward for her patience as I'm super picky and annoying. So, yeah. Love you mum xoxo

It's crazy how much you do in one day whilst on a city break, the second day I swear we were here there and everywhere but it was worth it. Here's some pics of me in Central Park feeling like I'm in Gossip Girl:

Here is documentation of the longest walk I did during my stay in New York where my mum and I walked all the way from Times Square past the Flatiron Building to Ground Zero to the Staten Island Ferry. Totally worth it though, you get to see so much more of the city and a lot of Pret A Managers. 

You'll never know how long it took me to get a picture I was happy with here. Lol.

I swear the five days all kind of blurred together in the end, but I won't be forgetting Brooklyn Bridge as it was by far my favourite place I had the pleasure to visit. Walking across and looking back over the New York skyline felt like I was looking at a painting. I feel like the pictures don't even do it justice. It really is a breathtaking view and I'm glad it was the last place I got to see.

Let me know what you think of New York in the comments!

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  1. Ahhh I’m obsessed with the idea of New York and this blog post just expanded it even more😂


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