Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

So I know I am probably extremely late to the party, but I have finally got round to giving my first impressions and a review for the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette. When I saw this palette was back in stock I had to buy it, there was no way I wasn't getting it. I'd seen so many pretty pictures and amazing reviews floating around the blogosphere that I couldn't resist. 

Now ever since I got the ABH Modern Renaissance I've become a bit of an eye shadow snob, because I love it so much and this the quality is amazing. But, I'd heard good things about Morphe so thought the best time to try would probably be with Jaclyn Hill's. What initially attracted me most to this palette was it's diverse colours. This season I am especially loving yellow, and it's great that I now have a yellow eye shadow to wear!

I am going to try my very best not to compare this palette to ABH, but it's going to be difficult. Although I love the matte colours, I feel they could be slightly more pigmented. I don't know if it's my skin or what but I had to put more on the brush than I normally would with ABH. However, it doesn't lessen the quality at all, the pigment is still great I guess I would probably like just a little more.

You could say that this palette makes up for the pigment in the shimmer and glitter shades, because hot damn are they beautiful. Honestly, I'm not normally one to wear glitter eye shadow but these are too cute not to. I especially love the pinky tones at the top of the palette, and you can see by my swatches of the other colours how pigmented it really is. 

I use the more autumnal colours when I'm wearing eye shadow during the day, as I feel these compliment my brown eyes and make them look less dull. There are endless possibilities of combinations to wear with this palette, by using the mattes alone you can create amazing looks.  

Whenever I am going out out, I have now started to use the shimmer and glitter shades alongside the bright and bold colours, just to be a bit more daring.

To be honest, I would recommend this palette to anyone; it's cute, it's versatile and it's good quality. And most of all it is very instagramable and we all know that's a plus. If you would like one of these babys for yourself you can get it here, it's in high demand so better get it fast!

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  1. I totally agree with you about how diverse this palette is! I love the range of mattes and shimmers and your pictures definitely do the palette justice!
    Grace xx


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