Tenerife Blues

If you follow my Instagram, you'll see I've been spamming your feeds with constant holiday pictures. If you've never been to Tenerife before I highly recommend it to be your next holiday destination, this little Spanish island is full with things to do and hot, sunny weather all year round.

We kicked off out holiday with a breakfast in Jamie's Italian at Gatwick which was seriously delicious. Looking at the scrambled eggs alone seriously makes my mouth water.

We didn't arrive at our hotel until 1 o'clock which made us right on time for lunch... a lot of the hotels in Costa Adeje, Tenerife are all inclusive, so for someone like me who loves their food this was the perfect decision. There is still the option of eating elsewhere and the security of knowing you can eat and drink what you want and when you want for free. After lunch and a few cocktails we took a little walk around Costa Adeje and ended up on the beautiful coastline.

Every morning I got up bright and early ready for some pancakes and bacon, which were sooo amazing I could help but have them pretty much everyday. You think I'd be more adventurous on holiday but they were just so damn delicious.

When I first went to Tenerife four years ago, I visited both Loro Parque and Mount Teide the volcano and I was definitely going to make sure my boyfriend saw all the amazing sites.

At Loro Parque you can several shows with dolphins, orcas and sea lions, I do feel like a huge hypocrite as these animals are all in captivity but, the relationship each trainer had with their partner animal was extremely nurturing and loving with mutual respect on both sides. My favourite part of Loro Parque has to be the penguins, the penguins live in a little micro-climate where the snow falls down and ice covers the walls to make the penguins feel more at home.

Where ever I go I seem to always manage to find chocolate strawberries waffles or pancakes. And no I didn't get chocolate all over myself, okay maybe I did.

At the centre of Tenerife and 3718 metres above sea level is the volcano Mount Teide, making it the highest point not only Spain but also the islands of the Atlantic. As we climbed the mountains - in a car, aha not literally climb I'm too lazy for that - you could see the temperature dropping from 30 degrees down to around 15 degrees. You can go up to the top of the summit in a super squished cable car which we thought would be fine to miss, but I got some amazing shots of the volcano much further away as you could see the whole thing.

We spent most of the week sunbathing by the pool and the beach, and one day we went on a boat trip in Los Cristianos to see the Pilot whales in the sea then after this happened I got super sea sick! Fun, I know. 

On our last day we got some Spanish tapas along the beach in one of the little restaurants. Patas Bravas, mini hamburgers, croquettes all super yummy. Overall, I had one of the best holiday's I've ever had, so seriously visit Tenerife if you have the chance!


  1. Tenerife looks lovely, I've never been before! x


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