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After two months of not blogging, I'm back. I mean, no one probably noticed but I decided it would be better for me to initially focus on settling back into my third year at university, then I could focus on blogging after.

So, a few weeks ago I heard a noise my door and I came downstairs to a parcel gifted from the lovely make up company 3INA! A relatively new make up brand, 3INA are cruelty free AND extremely affordable. Each of their products range from about £1-£20. So, here is big thank you and appreciation post to 3INA for sending some of their best sellers. 

One of the items I was sent was the 3INA peach coloured Eye Gloss (502), £9.95. With a spongy applicator and twister to help apply the product, it goes on to your lids nice and smoothly without feeling gloopy or sticky. The gloss itself made my eyelids look extremely healthy and dewy. I personally feel I would not use this product on a day-to-day basis, however I honestly think this is a great product for a night out, festivals or even fancy dress costumes. This product comes in four different shades (clear, peach, lilac and plum) as someone who have fair skin I'm glad 3INA sent me the peach colour as I feel like it complements my complexion the best.

My favourite product of the four is definitely the Duo Eyeshadow (605), £10.95. One half of the pan is a shimmery gold and the other a pinky blush. Since being sent these products, I use this product pretty much everyday whether it be just on my eyes or on my face. The gold makes an excellent highlighter for both the inner corner of my eye/brow bone and cheeks. And, the blush is great for, well, blusher as well as a cute and colourful eyeshadow crease. 

For my eyebrows I normally use the Urban Decay Tease single eyeshadow with an angled eyeliner brush, so the 3INA Eyebrow Kit (400), £15.95 is not much different to my usual products. Not only is the packaging super sleek and sophisticated with a minimalist monochrome style, the product quality is high. The little compact includes a wax, powder, two brushes, mini tweezers and mirror, not too much but also not too little. I'm personally not a fan of using eyebrow wax as it usually makes my eyebrows look strange on my face, but the powder is my cup of tea completely. It's the right shade and right formula to create the perfect brows.

And finally, the last product I have is a brown Gel Eyeliner (801), £9.95. When I first got into wearing eyeliner, gel eyeliner was my go to eyeliner! But, then I got super lazy and always opted for the felt liner pens by Collection - which are amazing by the way. I tried the 3INA gel eyeliner after a long time of inexperience, the product itself was smooth and easily applicated, yet I would be more inclined to use it to darken eyeshadow and shade rather than eyeliner due to the colour, as I would normally wear black liner. All in all it is probably my second favourite 3INA product! 

* Although these products were gifted, all opinions are genuine and my own *

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