Summer Lipsticks

This summer I'm really loving the warm and neutral lip colours around at the moment. For me, I like to keep my make up quite natural looking during the summer period. Simply because it's so hot the make up would literally melt off my face. Here I have a selection of MAC and Ted Baker lipsticks, NYX lipstick suedes, Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks and Primark lip liners. All these colours are either pink or have pink undertones and can easily be mix and matched.

Pretty much everyone I know has the MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick, it's extremely popular. I like this colour so much it's not so much pink as it is a brown making it a nice colour in the middle. I tend to wear Viva La Glam II much more, as it's already quite similar to my natural lip colour and blends well with the rest of my make up.  

Viva La Glam II, Velvet Teddy

The two Ted Baker lipsticks are lovely and soft, not too striking on the lip. Therefore, a more everyday kind of lipstick, they are both quite thin so they aren't super cakey. I got these two lipsticks in a Ted Baker gift set and don't actually have colour names, but add a Ted Baker gift set to your Christmas list this year!

If you saw my post the other day about my recent addition to my make up bag, you'll know I'm loving my new lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics in the newest Koko collection. My two favourite of the four piece set has to be Baby Girl (pink) and Bunny (brown), the formula is so smooth and long lasting. Similarly, my favourite lipstick of them all is the NYX Bedtime Flirt, it's known as a dupe for one of Kylie's lipsticks and I love it. The colour always looks nice and the formula never gloops up on my lips.  

Baby Girl, Bedtime Flirt, Bunny

And finally we have the Primark lipliners, if you haven't gathered by now that I'm probably a tiny bit obsessed with Primark you will see that now. I love these lipliners, they are only £1 each and last so long. Highly recommend!

Desert Sand, Candy Pink, Toffee

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