For ages I was searching for a relatively cheap no-colour powder to use for baking my face. I like to buy my make up in person, so I scoured the high street brands and found NYX's HD Finishing Powder in Boots and decided I might as well give it ago! I don't claim to be great at make up, so I of course watched various youtube videos on how to bake and even read some articles! I have relatively dry skin and I found with NYX's powder it wasn't really covering the areas I wanted. But, once I swept it off my face with my face powder I found it worked well by getting rid of the creases and really setting my foundation and concealer. My one reservation was that it wasn't coming out much on my face. By this I mean, when I watched baking videos I noted that the powder would be visually seen on the persons face. Maybe, it's because I'm pale... or maybe it's because I have dry skin. Either way, it got the job done in the end!

A friend of mine then recommended I get RCMA's no-colour powder, again I like to buy my make up in person but my friend really sold it to me, so I bought it off Beauty Bay for only £12.00! I feel now this is powder is better for my skin tone and type. For anyone reading this, I would still highly recommend NYX. However, I think RCMA may be better for those with fair skin like me!

Left side RCMA, right side NYX.

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