MUA Highlighter Review

As soon as I bought three MUA Undress Your Skin highlighters (Radiant Cashmere, Iridescent Gold, Pink Shimmer) I was so excited to try them and write a post about them. I have struggled to find a decent high street highlighter because I find highlighting doesn't tend to come out well on my skin and you can't really see it in pictures. So, I thought I'd try out different colours to help me know which is the best fit for me, to do this I also created three different looks with each colour. From testing all these out I realised the best colour for me was definitely Iridescent Gold, a shimmery white with a hint of rainbow in the light. 

1. Radiant Cashmere 
For this look I used my usual face routine: primer, foundation, concealer, bake and bronzer, all products used you can find in my 'What's in my make up bag?' post. I then moved on to my eyes using the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, using quite natural and darker shades. NYX Bedtime Flirt lip lingerie lipstick on my lips, keeping it neutral, not too bold. And then topped it all off with the MUA highlighter in the shade Radiant Cashmere. I was aiming for the ethereal Goddess look for this one... who knows if I achieved it.

2. Iridescent Gold 
Because this highlighter is very white looking and therefore extremely close to my skin tone I wasn't expecting good results. BUT, it really turned out to be my favourite of the three and came out the best on me. For this look I went for the classic winged liner and red lip combination, using very light eyeshadow. 

3. Pink Shimmer
I was feeling stuck for what to do with this one so I went for a more festival kinda vibe. Using the brighter colours on the ABH palette and a stray purple eye shadow I found I created this look. To stick the glitter on I used Vaseline, which made it super hard for me to get off BUT this means it would stay on all day at a festival. I really liked this highlighter, the pinky shimmer made me feel a little bit like a Princess.

There are way more colours than these three so expect another review plus looks!


  1. I found these to be a bit too glittery for my taste, but they look cool in pictures. I love the way they look, but not the packaging they come in


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