Romance with Modern Renaissance

In all honesty, Anastasia Beverly Hills's Modern Renaissance palette, retailing at £41.00, is my all time favourite eyeshadow palette. The colours are so rich and pigmented, you simply you only need one dab of the brush and the colour comes out beautifully. 

For any girls or boys out there that struggle with oily eyelids I strongly recommened the Collection primed & ready eyeshadow primer before you touch those lids with eyeshadow! This primer helps to keep the already long -lasting eyeshadow lasting even longer.

To apply my eyeshadow I use my Nire eyeshaow brushes, I then use the thicker end of the ABH brush (came with the palette) at the end to blend, the other side of the brush I use exclusively for highlighting the inner corner of my eye.

All in all definitely an eyeshadow palette to invest in.

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