Shimmer and Shine

When most of us think of glitter, shimmer and shine, we often think of the winter months. Even Christmas. However, the next upcoming trend for SS15 is actually sparkly things. I was pleasantly surprised by how much warmth the outfits brought to the Catwalk show, the light colours were perfect at London Fashion Weekend.

This button down, cardigan look in a shimmery rose pink looks gorgeous with loose white trousers which has been styled on the model. The stylist use of pairing these two pieces together makes the outfit look cooling, and perfect for the summer season.

I absolutely adore this dress, its simple design makes it an essential item this summer. The long flowing skirt starting above the hips styled with small creases and pleats creates a Greek style. This is an effortless, yet stunning and classy outfit which will never become boring. One of my favourite items for this summer.

Another outfit which I fell in love with during the Shimmer & Shine was the light silver floor-length skirt. This sort of skirt was already in fashion, the 50s revival making a come back in the form of the famous 50s Rock and Roll skirt. However, this skirt has been extended towards the floor creating a gown effect. The skirt was paired with a plain white button up blouse, which had been rolled up at the selves. The shirt allowed the skirt to shine in all its glory, without taking any attention way from the detail. I also believe this is a summer must have, even if it is not shimmery.

As I was walking through Somerset house I saw various pieces which were of this trend, I was expecting majority of them to not be my cup of tea. However, I loved them.

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