Paris Fashion Week: Chanel AW 2015

This years Chanel Fashion Show in Paris was classy, and as original as ever. Karl Lagerfeld shared his vision for this years Autumn Winter show, creating the catwalk into Parisian brasserie as a back drop for the models. The whole line breathed sophistication and chic, and allowed the audience to see each outfit play out in day to day life. 

Kendal Jenner and Cara Delevingne were amongst the models for Chanel, both donning little black dresses. 

The classic sheer black dresses looked stunning on both Kendal and Cara, and silver accessories which do not distract from the overall look of the dress.

I adored the use of dark eyebrows, eyes and hair to create a more neutral tone, and demonstrate the outfits against the dark make up.



 A few of my favourite looks from the show, various monochrome patterns were present in majority of the Chanel outfits. As I said before, monochrome is an everlasting trend, if you are ever in a struggle of what to wear, it is clear that designers such as Chanel believe that monochrome, or even just black is the way forward.

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  1. Ph, the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris must have been amazing, and pretty different from others! Great review. Have a lovely day,

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