Bootea Detox

Upon all the hype which Bootea has caused, I decided to purchase the 28 Day Detox (currently on offer in Holland and Barrett - down from £35 to £26) to see if it had the desired weight loss effect. I started my detox yesterday, and I will be keeping my blog up to date on how I am progressing.

To start my detox journey, I fired up the kettle and let my Daytime tea brew for a few minutes before drinking. With a lemony essence, the Daytime tea was not unpleasant to drink. However, it was not the nicest tea I've ever tasted. 

Later on that day, I boiled the kettle again for my Bedtime tea. I had heard, and saw on the box that this tea created a laxative effect, which would take place 8 hours after consumption. Although, this made me nervous, I drank the poorly smelling tea. To be honest, it tasted much better than expected.

 Now on day 2 of my detox, I began my day with the diet recommended by Bootea... altering the breakfast slightly. Lightly toasting one slice of wholemeal, mushing up half an avocado and spreading it on the toast. With a poached egg on top. A very filling breakfast, and also very delicious. 


I will be updating my Bootea experience soon!


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